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    Drinking with Agatha Christie

    In Christie's novels, a character's choice of beverage always deepens the mystery.

    February 29, 2024  By Naomi Kaye

    Thomas Mullen On Writing About Historical Conspiracy Theories in a Post-Truth Age

    "[W]e’ve gotten used to the common refrain that we live in “unprecedented times.” But... pretty much nothing is unprecedented."

    February 29, 2024  By Thomas Mullen

    Framed: Mysteries Where the Sleuth is Wrongly Accused

    These detectives must solve crimes in order to prove their own innocence

    February 29, 2024  By Jenn McKinlay

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    From S.B. Caves's forthcoming novel, Honeycomb

    From Suja Sukumar's forthcoming novel, When Mimi Went Missing

    From Michael Seidlinger's latest novel, The Body Harvest

    From Julia Dahl's forthcoming novel, I Dreamed of Falling