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    Queer Horror: YA Edition!

    Jill Baguchinsky recommends 7 great young adult horror novels featuring queer themes and characters

    July 25, 2024  By Jill Baguchinsky

    Peter Houlahan on Sagon Penn, Policing in California, and the Trial That Changed San Diego

    The author discusses a turning point for San Diego in his new book, 'Reap the Whirldwind'

    July 25, 2024  By Kevin Canfield

    The Literature of Obsession, Addiction, and Disease

    These novels use mental and physical illness and unhealthy behavior to explore the larger toxicity of society itself

    July 25, 2024  By Michael Seidlinger

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    Murdle, Jr., by G.T. Karber: Excerpt and Cover Reveal!

    The Quiet Librarian, by Allen Eskens: First Look and Cover Reveal