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My Poison Snake: Erika Kobayashi on Growing Up in a Household of Sherlock Translators

"Papa and Mama would debate endlessly the best way to transliterate “Watson” into Japanese...Meanwhile, my sisters and I would discuss various ways to die..."

June 29, 2022  By Erika Kobayashi

Judges For the 'Sisters in Crime Pride Award' Talk LGBTQIA+ Issues in Crime Publishing

"[O]ld habits are hard to break and some folks in the industry still haven’t adjusted to reality." - Brenda Buchanan

June 29, 2022  By CrimeReads 

Books and Movies That Blur the Line Between Justice and Revenge

Playing God has its moments. But are you ready to pay the consequences? 

June 29, 2022  By Debbie Babitt

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